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Import reviews from other review apps (Import reviews from CSV)

ℹ️ If reviews haven’t appeared after importing, please contact our Support Team in the live chat. Or you can import reviews from Trustify CSV templates instead.

Step 1: Navigate to Trustify app > Open the “Review Manager” page

Step 2: Click on the button “Import review” > Choose the option “From other review apps”

Step 3: Select a review app from which you want to migrate reviews from
Click the field “Select app” > Select a review app

Step 4: Upload the review CSV file.
– All reviews imported from the CSV file will be hidden after importing and set the source by CSV, so you need to specifically publish these reviews.
You can find the review template of supported apps here

**Please note that the upload file must be a maximum of 5MB. If your file is over quota, please contact the live-chat support team to import all for you

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