Trustify x Foxify: Effortlessly Turn Happy Customers Into Brand Advocates


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Building a successful e-Commerce store requires the right tools and strategies to create an engaging and high-converting shopping experience. At Trustify, we understand the importance of seamless design and user-friendly features in building a powerful online presence. The right page builder app can transform your site’s appeal and usability, making it easier for customers to navigate and make purchases. 

Today, we are excited to announce that Trustify has officially partnered with Foxify Smart Page Builder! This collaboration combines the strengths of a powerful page builder with an innovative product app, enhancing the customer journey from their first visit to completing a purchase.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this partnership can help you create an outstanding shopping experience on your Shopify store!

About Foxify Smart Page Builder

Foxify is the ultimate Shopify app that revolutionizes the way you design and build your eCommerce store. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of online retail, Foxify empowers you to create stunning and high-converting pages without coding skills needed. 

With the intuitive 1-click editor, you can transform any creative vision into reality. From 90+ high-converting templates and 70+ sections to AI-powered tools with conversion-focused features, Foxify stands ready to build anything any way you want!

Say goodbye to the sweat and tears of web design and welcome Foxify – an innovative solution that transforms your design dreams into reality.

Key features:

  • 90+ High-converting Templates: Quickly create & launch landing pages, product pages, collections, and blogs
  • Advanced Analytics & Reports: Monitor & optimize your pages with page metrics and sales performance data to better understand your customers & boost results
  • Built-in Upsells & Cross-sells Extensions: Easily grow your store with 40+ extensions, from Filters, Recently Viewed Products, Product Quick View, Sticky Add-to-Cart, & more. 
  • Content Translation: Translate page content seamlessly with AI-powered Fox Magic!

Contact details:

Integration Case: How do you set up the Trustify review widget on Foxify?

From the page template editor, please go to App Extensions. Then, search for ‘Trustify’ and install the Trustify app.

How our integration benefits

This integration combines the best of page design and customer trust-building, creating a seamless and powerful solution for eCommerce store owners. With Foxify’s intuitive design capabilities and Trustify’s robust review features, users can now build stunning, high-converting pages that are bolstered by genuine customer feedback, enhancing credibility and driving sales.

1. Enhanced Credibility and Trust:

By integrating Trustify’s customer reviews directly into Foxify’s beautifully designed pages, store owners can effortlessly display social proof. This builds trust with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

2. Streamlined Design and Functionality:

Foxify users can now add Trustify review widgets and badges seamlessly into their custom pages without additional coding. This ensures a cohesive design and functionality, providing a consistent user experience across the entire site.

3. Increased Conversion Rates:

Combining high-converting page designs from Foxify with Trustify’s authentic customer reviews creates a compelling shopping experience. The combination of visual appeal and social proof significantly boosts customer confidence, leading to higher conversion rates.

4. Comprehensive Analytics:

Users can benefit from integrated analytics, allowing them to monitor the impact of customer reviews on page performance. This data-driven approach helps store owners optimize their pages and review strategies for maximum impact.

Wrap up

Seamlessly integrating Trustify Product Reviews app and Foxify Smart Page Builder app allows merchants to harness the power of customer reviews to enhance credibility, drive conversions, and foster growth. This dynamic partnership brings together three powerful tools, creating a comprehensive solution for Shopify store owners.