10 Best Product Review Examples that Will Blow Your Mind


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product review examples

Are you wondering what good product reviews should look like? Here, I have 10 best product review examples that are clear and easy to understand. These examples will show you how to effectively highlight your products and engage your customers.

This article also guides you on how to get more positive product reviews and choose the testimonial style that best fits your business.

What are Good Product Review Examples?

A good product review gives a clear and balanced look at a product, helping people decide if they want to buy it. It includes detailed information about what the product does, how well it works, and how easy it is to use, often based on personal experience. Positive review examples highlight both the good and bad points of the product, providing a well-rounded perspective.

What are Good Product Review Examples?

According to a study by BrightLocal, 91% of consumers read online reviews before buying something, and 84% trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. This shows how important and influential product reviews can be.

A good review should be honest, specific, and clear. It should help readers understand the pros and cons of the product. Additionally, comparing the product to similar ones on the market can provide context and help readers see its value and effectiveness. By offering a detailed and honest evaluation, a good product review can greatly assist potential buyers in making informed decisions.

A good review should be honest, specific, and clear Product Review Examples

10 Product Review Examples from Top Brands

Here are 10 examples of product reviews that demonstrate how to effectively highlight your products and engage your customers. These good product review examples will show you different approaches to gathering and presenting reviews that can build trust, boost sales, and enhance your business’s reputation.

#1 Aliexpress

AliExpress has become a top online shopping site by using smart strategies. One important method they use is showing star ratings and customer reviews on each product page. As of now, AliExpress hosts over 130 million customer reviews, giving buyers extensive feedback on products. Notably, 78% of the reviews on AliExpress are positive, showcasing overall customer satisfaction and encouraging trust in the platform.

When you look at a product on AliExpress, you can see how many stars other customers have given it and read their reviews. This might seem like it could scare away buyers if there are bad reviews, but it actually helps people feel more confident about their purchases.

AliExpress has become a top online shopping site Product Review Examples

Because AliExpress has so many different sellers and products, customers can easily compare ratings, prices, and reviews all in one place. This helps them make better decisions about what to buy.

For sellers on AliExpress, it’s important to pay attention to these reviews. Keeping a good star rating and responding to customer feedback can help you attract and keep more customers. This can lead to more sales and success on the platform.


IFTTT treats its users like innovators and is rewarded with increased engagement and loyalty.

By retweeting user content, as shown above, IFTTT boosts user satisfaction not just for the retweeted user, but for everyone who sees the post. This strategy shows that IFTTT values its community, making potential users view the service more favorably.

IFTTT treats its users like innovators and is rewarded with increased engagement and loyalty.

Building a personal connection between the brand and its users can greatly enhance customer loyalty. When users see their content being acknowledged publicly, it builds a sense of community and trust. It’s important to apply the same principles in private interactions, ensuring that all communication reflects a caring and consistent brand voice. This cohesive approach helps maintain a positive reputation and encourages long-term user engagement.

#3 Strong Testimonials

As demonstrated by Strong Testimonials’s landing page, they highlight positive customer reviews by asking for permission from the customers before featuring them. This simple technique can be used by any brand with an online presence.

Strong Testimonials Product Review Examples

However, it’s important to pay attention to details: always ask for permission and consider incentivizing customers. Respect their privacy and preferences, as some may not want their last names mentioned, to avoid appearing pushy or inconsiderate.

#4 AWeber

This testimonial from AWeber, taken from a longer case study, clearly shows what AWeber’s product does. The writer mentions specific features and tools they like and use.

This testimonial from AWeber, taken from a longer case study, clearly shows what AWeber’s product does

This lets customers explain in their own words what new users can expect from AWeber. The language is easy to follow but includes some technical terms like “autoresponders” and “integration with third-party apps” for more tech-savvy users.

Basically, this testimonial speaks directly to AWeber’s target audience. It doesn’t talk down to knowledgeable users by explaining these terms and helps potential customers see if AWeber’s services are a good fit for them.

#5 JazzHR

Authenticity in customer testimonials can be demonstrated through elements like the writer’s photograph, name, job title, the name of their business, and their social media handles or a website that visitors can access from your site.

However, video testimonials convey authenticity more effectively than these elements alone. For instance, recruitment software JazzHR showcases this on their testimonial page:

video testimonials convey authenticity more effectively

What we love most about this testimonial is that it introduces us to JazzHR’s client, Kiip, before explaining why Kiip loves JazzHR. The first half of the video focuses on showcasing Kiip’s company culture, emphasizing their values, especially in their hiring process.

In essence, we first get a clear understanding of a business that uses JazzHR for recruitment. We learn that JazzHR’s clients are exceptional, value-driven companies. We see that JazzHR’s software enables these businesses to maintain their core values. As we gain a positive impression of Kiip through a brief tour of their operations, we also develop a favorable view of JazzHR’s product, which Kiip uses and trusts.

This approach might seem counterintuitive: Why let another business talk about themselves for so long in a testimonial for your company? However, as prospects see the incredible businesses you partner with, they’ll become more eager to join the culture you’re supporting. They’ll also be more inclined to believe that your product plays a key role in these businesses’ success.

#6 SheMugs

Etsy makes it easy for stores to show customer reviews, and SheMugs is a great example of this. Reviews are clearly displayed on each store’s main page under the “Reviews” tab, so potential customers can easily find them. This helps new shoppers quickly see how satisfied other customers are with the store, making SheMugs a prime illustration of effective store review examples.

Take a look at these examples of product reviews:

Etsy makes it easy for stores to show customer reviews

For SheMugs, Etsy highlights positive feedback by showing a banner that says the shop received multiple 5-star reviews in the past 7 days. This feature draws attention to the store’s good reputation and builds trust with new customers. SheMugs also has a detailed review section where individual customer experiences are shared, giving specific insights into the product quality and customer service, showcasing excellent product review examples.

Additionally, Etsy’s system allows customers to upload photos with their reviews. This visual social proof helps potential buyers see the products in real-life settings, making them more confident in their purchase decisions. Overall, Etsy’s way of displaying reviews, as seen with SheMugs, is an excellent example of how online stores can use customer feedback to build trust and attract new customers.


ALDI is a family-owned discount supermarket chain from Germany with stores worldwide.

ALDI is a family-owned discount supermarket chain from Germany with stores worldwide.

In each testimonial, ALDI showcases different employees who answer common questions that job seekers might have. For example, they might ask, ‘As a former ALDI intern, what advice would you give to future interns?’ or ‘How has ALDI helped you grow within the company?’ This helps viewers understand the variety of jobs at ALDI, the opportunities for career growth, and how much ALDI cares about its employees’ well-being.

#8 Brinton

Like it or not, fame attracts attention and drives sales. This is why the market leverages models and Instagram influencers—attaching a recognizable name to your brand can draw attention.

Like it or not, fame attracts attention and drives sales

Whether it’s well-known celebrities or Instagram personalities, having individuals with significant followings endorse your brand can greatly influence customer perception. For instance, in many examples of product reviews, endorsements from popular figures significantly boost credibility and trust.

Fortunately, this principle applies broadly—respected tech personalities can elevate tech brands, and so on. The key is to find the right ambassador for your brand.

#9 WebFX

highlighting the brands that use its software on its customer stories page

Another classic example is WebFX, which has found great success by highlighting the brands that use its software on its customer stories page.

As shown above, major companies use their service, and prominently displaying this serves as both effective advertising and an endorsement-like review. This is one of the key product review examples where endorsements from well-known brands significantly boost credibility.

You’ll see they emphasize well-known brands, but your company doesn’t need to do the same. No matter your target industry, mention the biggest names your software has attracted, and others are likely to follow.

#10 Adobe

The thumbnail above is a YouTube link from an independent channel showing how new users can quickly learn to use Photoshop.

This is my final example of letting your best customers do the promotion for you. By promoting their content instead of censoring it, you help build a community.

A community where users help each other reduces the pressure on support teams and creates a sense of shared goals, which makes customers happier. When your customers can help each other use your product better, they can also give you ideas for future features. This approach is one of the key examples of product reviews where user-generated content boosts credibility and engagement.

Which Testimonial Style Fits your Business?

That’s our list of top examples. But when you start collecting your testimonials, don’t limit yourself. Try to see things from your customers’ point of view. Consider what information they would find helpful or important.

Which Testimonial Style Fits your Business?

While there are many average testimonials on the internet, there are also many outstanding ones. Take some time to visit the websites of your favorite businesses. Look at their customer reviews and testimonials to get ideas and inspiration for your own. This will help you understand what makes a testimonial effective and how you can use them to benefit your business.

How to Get More Positive Product Reviews?

To build trust and attract more customers, it’s important to collect high-quality product reviews. Detailed and positive reviews can greatly influence potential buyers and improve your business’s reputation. After viewing the product review examples above, you might be wondering how to get more positive product reviews. Follow this easy guide:

  • Ask Happy Customers: Reach out to satisfied customers and ask them to leave a review. Make your request personal to show you value their feedback.
  • Simplify the Process: Make it easy for customers to leave reviews by providing direct links to review pages or including review forms on your website.
  • Offer Rewards: Encourage reviews by offering incentives like discounts, freebies, or entries into a giveaway.
How to Get More Positive Product Reviews?
  • Ask Clear Questions: Help customers by asking specific questions about their experience, such as “What did you like most about the product?” or “How has this product helped you?”
  • Send Reminders: Follow up with customers after their purchase to remind them to leave a review. Timing is important—ask for reviews when customers are likely to be happy with their purchase.
Follow up with customers after their purchase
  • Show Reviews: Display reviews prominently on your website to show customers that their feedback is important.
  • Use Social Media: Encourage customers to share their experiences on social media and tag your business. You can then showcase these reviews on your website.
  • Use Review Sites: Use platforms like Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trustpilot where customers can leave reviews and new customers can easily find them.

Wrap up

In this article, I have provided 10 product review examples to help you understand what makes a good review. I hope this article also helps you find the testimonial style that fits your business. These good product reviews show potential buyers what to expect. Clear and detailed reviews help build trust and make shoppers feel confident about their purchases.

Additionally, including photos from real customers makes the reviews more believable. Altogether, these practices are essential for any online store to attract and keep customers.