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Import reviews from your own CSV file

Step 1: Navigate to Trustify app > Open the “Review Manager” page

Step 2: Click on the button “Import review” > Choose the option “From CSV file”

Step 3: Create a copy of trustify_import_review_template

Fill in your review information according to the template file format:

TitleDefinitions Example
product_handle (Required) The product handle is the last part of the product URL 
(If you want to get product handles quickly, you can get them from the product export file from Shopify)
Product URL:
=> product_handle = checkered-jersey
The name will be shown on the review (View demo)Hellen Miller
H***** *****r
Hellen M.
reviewer_emailThe reviewer’s email address.
** This field is not required. If you don’t have the customer’s email address leave this field empty.
[email protected]
The review content (View demo)
Fast support! Highly recommend Trustify’s service!
imageThe photo URL of photo reviews
Template: link1,link2,link3 …etc
https://shorturl.at/sBOW2, https://shorturl.at/kJLW8,link3,link4
ratingValid values are 1/2/3/4/55
review_dateThe date the review is created
Template: YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS
YY: Year
MM: Month
DD: Date
HH: Hour (24h format)
MM: Minute
SS: Second
2023/12/25 19:00:00
avatarInsert the avatar link of the reviewers (https://prnt.sc/DuTwXCZ0WrFO)Avatar URL example: https://shorturl.at/pUV15

Step 4: Download your complete review import template as a CSV file and upload the file to the app

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at [email protected]

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