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Share reviews across product groups

Why do you need to share reviews across product groups?

Apply product grouping to share reviews between diverse products. This is especially beneficial when selling similar to identical products through various Shopify product pages.

With Trustify, you can easily create product groups by:
– Vendor
– Type
– Tags

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Step 1: Navigate to the “Review” page from the Dashboard and open the “Product group” tab.

Step 2: Create a new group by providing a name for it.

Step 3: Allocate products to specific groups:

1. Sort products by Vendor/ Type/ Tags by using the search bar.

2. Pick product(s) to a group:

  • Pick one product into a group

  • Add bulk products to a group by bulk-selecting and assigning them to an existing group.

3. Create a new group product: Create a new group product by clicking “Add groups,” inserting a name, and creating it.

4. Remove products from groups:

  • Remove a product: Click on the select box on the product group column of a product > Choose the option “Choose group”
  • Remove bulk products: Bulk-select products > Click on the button “Remove groups”

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