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Import reviews from Facebook pages

  • Step 1: From the Review Manager page, click on Import reviews with Facebook
Import reviews with Facebook
  • Step 2: Connect to Facebook and select Facebook pages from which Trustify will access reviews.
    + Click the option Opt in to current Pages only.
    + Select one or more pages from which Trustify will access reviews.
    + Click NEXT to finish connecting your pages to the app.
Opt in to current Pages only
  • Step 3: Choose a Facebook page to import the reviews > Click Import reviews
Import reviews with Facebook

After the importing process, Facebook reviews will appear in the Admin as shown below. Please note that all Facebook reviews are pinned to the Review Carousel by default, and you can unpin them by clicking on the pin icon.

2. Manage reviews

Manage reviews with Trustify

Trustify allows you to manage reviews with the following functions:
– Bulk Publish/ Hide reviews (View details)
– Bulk Delete reviews (View details)
– Bulk Pin reviews (View details)
– Search reviews by customer name, review content (View details)
– Filter reviews by rating (1>5*), Source (Facebook, Manual), Status (Publish/ Hide). Filter reviews by text and image (View details)

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